Sunday, January 26, 2014

Breakfast Food & Time and always Room Service Style

Breakfast at Bridgewater Inn & Cottage is your choice. Time & food. Breakfast is always
" Room Service Style ". Breakfast food offered  is usually as follows =

: French Toast
: Scrambled eggs, fried egg or ?
: Fried potatoes
: Omelette's = veggie, ham/cheese or everything
: Sausage gravy & biscuit
: Belgian waffle
: Quiche
: Pancakes = plain or buckwheat
:  Hot oatmeal 
: Cold cereal
: Bacon, sausage
: Toast
: Fruit and juice is always on the tray unless do not want these.
: Coffee w/ coffee machine and tea is in each room + Italian water ,cheese/cracker.

Do I have all these foods all the time NO. They are offered if I have the ingredients on hand or if I have time to get to the food store.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Come one, come all HOT TUB is fixed !

The Sundance Rolando 5 person HOT TUB here has had a cold...burrrr !
Repair guys just left  and  its a HOT, HOT TUB now.
Come one, Come all to Bridgewater Inn's ....... HOT TUB.